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Here at Victoria’s TLC Skin Care, I use pure, natural and organic ways to care for and heal your largest organ, your skin. These ways honor the skin's abilities by supporting the incredible functional intelligence of the body's skin cells to repair and renew themselves; as opposed to forcing changes upon it with harsh treatments and chemicals. I believe in the old doctoral oath: first, do no harm.

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In this vein of thought, it has been shown that essential oils efficiently address the concerns of your skin and body—give you a greater sense of comfort and care, and promote real health. In my practice you will find these wonderful gifts from nature used throughout my customized facials and in my waxing services. (Note: Aromatherapy is optional. Please make known your preferences.)

I have been drawn to the function and health of the skin for most of my adult life. I have sensitive reactive skin, and need help to calm it. Once I was introduced to a gentle, natural skincare line, my skin and life changed. My skin was soothed, it felt relieved, and 
I became fascinated by skincare: I wanted to study it and become a skin care professional, an Esthetician. I wanted to help others suffering with their own skin care problems.

I am ever in search of different organic/natural/essential oil products to use in my work. I am most pleased with Osmosis Skincare, which meets and exceeds my expectations for skin care. Their philosophy meets mine in that they provide nourishment and support for the skin to renew itself, rather than shock and traumatizing it into change which degrades its health. You may investigate this line further at www.osmosisskincare.com.

I have been using a French company whose commitment to green, organic personal and housecleaning products is unparalleled in my experience. Called H2O At Home, I am thrilled with the results I get from cleaning with their special (recyclable) cloths and water! They use essential oils to accomplish the rest! You can purchase them here (www.myh2oathome.com/victoria), or contact me with your questions.

I cherry-pick from other companies that I have used and find kind and effective, like YG Labs products. There are balms and oils that I love from reputable companies such as Young Living Oils and Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils. I have been studying and have attended 3 workshops earning a Certificate for these Essential Oils, so I now make CUSTOM Blends to aid common ailments.
Oils $15 and up.
Balms $25 and up.
Custom Perfumes based on your fond memories and preferences starting at $30. 
Lotions also $30.
Simply book a 30 minute Consultation.

Everything offered for sale, or used, in my salon, is used by myself so I know the quality offered by each and believe in these companies. I am dedicated to finding and using clean, sustainable gentle products and practices.

I am very thorough in all of my waxing services, specializing in Brow Shaping and Brazilians. I also do tinting. I carry a wonderful product for waxed areas called PFB Vanish, which takes care of ingrown hairs and bumps beautifully. (I also use it for a deodorant with The Osmosis Clear Spray! It works!)


This is your room to come and relax in, to feel calmed by and comforted in, as you receive private attention for all your professional skin care services. I want you to think of it as a quiet space for a peaceful unhurried experience!

Victoria Gagnebin

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